Re: tradition - Jarmark Jagielloński, which refers to the historic trade routes that used to lead through Lublin, is approaching rapidly, bringing up the issue of folk tradition. Part of the rich program of events will once again be moved to the VIVO! Shopping center.


As part of the Jarmark Jagielloński, on August 19-20, at VIVO! Lublin will host a series of creative workshops for families with children, during which participants will learn the technique of weaving frames, create a spatial straw spider, and make colorful flowers from tissue paper by themselves.


This is not the end of the attractions that will be waiting in the shopping center these days. The organizers have also planned workshops on creating and painting wooden toys. The youngest, together with their guardians, will turn the carousels on the stick and paint the little horses on it. The whole will be complemented by an intimate performance with live music "Old Folk Toys in Poland". During the festival, the artists will present to the youngest hand-made wooden toys and musical instruments such as harmony, baraban and violin. The performance will be filled with live music with a melody in an archaic version.


All workshops and performances will take place at the Event Square on level 0 of VIVO! Lublin. Registration is made via the online form available at: The number of places is limited.


The full schedule can be found at:

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