Soon, on May 7, the Project Art Gallery on level +1 will turn into an unusual Gallery of Nature Photography. For two months, it will host exhibitions drawing attention to the important role of the natural environment and promoting the idea of ​​its protection. The organizer of the campaign is the Lublin District of the Association of Polish Nature Photographers.
For the next two months, the Gallery of Nature Photography will be open in our shopping center, prepared in cooperation with the Lublin District of the Association of Polish Nature Photographers. As part of the project, from May 7, you will be able to admire unique nature photographs in the Project Art Gallery on the +1 level. The exhibitions will draw attention to the beauty and the important role of the natural environment, but also to the important idea of ​​caring for nature and the great responsibility of man for the natural world.
Individual exhibitions will be accompanied by presentations and meetings with photographers - members of the Lublin District of the Union of Polish Artists and Designers. They will focus on the artistic aspects of nature photography. They will also introduce you to the practical knowledge of how to create this type of photos, taking into account the ethical principles that should be followed when creating. There is also an open-air photo session planned for all interested parties, combined with a competition for the most interesting nature photographs taken in Lublin or its vicinity. The Nature Photography Gallery will be open until the end of June. Individual exhibitions can be admired during the opening hours of the shopping center.
The official opening of the exhibition and the accompanying vernissage will take place on May 7 at 4 p.m.
Schedule of meetings and presentations within the Natural Photography Gallery:

May 7 (Saturday) 16.00 - vernissage and opening of the Nature Photography Gallery
A series of multimedia presentations "Meetings with nature photography" - always on Saturday at 4:00 p.m.
May 14 - Bartłomiej Chmielewski and Andrzej Haranicz - Bird photography
May 21 - Wiktor Głuszek - Forest mammals
May 28 - Jolanta Małyska - Meadows and forests of Polesie
June 4 - Beata Nowakowska and Małgorzata Wiącek - ABC of nature photography - meeting for young nature lovers
June 11 - Waldemar Komorowski - Abstract forms of nature
June 18 - Tomek Kiecana - Right behind the copper plate
June 25 - Jerzy Liniewicz and Łukasz Niewiadomy - From the city, through the countryside, to vast landscapes - a photographic journey
Open meetings of the Lublin District ZPFP - every two weeks on Wednesdays at 18.00
May 11 and 25
June 8 and 22

You're welcome!

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