Georgian cuisine in VIVO! Lublin

From February, the gastronomic offer of VIVO! Lublin has grown by another interesting position. Customers of the shopping center can already try the flavors of Georgian cuisine served by the Kikodze Twins Restaurant.

The newly opened Georgian restaurant is a brand founded by chefs from Georgia, the Kikodze brothers. The company, operating since 2019, offers its guests traditional Georgian cuisine, encouraging them to discover the flavors of this country, known for its culinary art. The Kikodze brothers revive and renew old Georgian recipes that have not lost their relevance for centuries.

The restaurant's menu includes, among others, Czachochbili, a dish of chicken fillets stewed in tomato sauce with spices and garlic, Kupati sausages made of minced pork, and Czaszuszuli - spicy beef stew. Attention is drawn to the wide selection of Georgian bread with its iconic pastries such as Khachapuri, Kubdari, Penovani and many others, served hot, of course. Among the dishes offered by Kikodze Twins, traditional Georgian khinkali dumplings could not be missing.

The Kikodze Twins Georgian restaurant is located on level +1 in the VIVO! Lublin.
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