Help for dogs from Bronice

The Oliver company once again helps Lublin students from the Public Relations Scientific Circle in organizing a Charity Collection. This year it supports the Association "Dogs from Bronic are looking for homes".

This is a place full of people with big hearts who spend their time helping animals. The Association helps in treatment and is looking for homes for stray animals.
Under their wings, dogs recover, are castrated and prepared for adoption. The key element is socialization in temporary homes. It is often the first place in the lives of quadrupeds where they are surrounded by tenderness and proper care. This is the time when they learn to trust people again, as well as relationships with other animals.

The Oliver company decided to make its premises available as assembly points. One of them is in Galeria Vivo.
We encourage you to bring gifts.

Are needed:
- Premium food for puppies and seniors
-Specialty foods
-Hygienic foundations
-Non-automatic 2 and 3m lanyards Etc.