On July 29-30, the international Carnaval Sztukmistrzów Festival will be hosted at VIVO! For the fifth time. This year, we will host juggling workshops, including learning acrobatic figures on an aerial sling or climbing a sash. The whole will be complemented by acrobatics shows on a sash and an aerial wheel.
For the thirteenth time, Lublin will become the largest circus stage in Poland for a few days. In the last days of July, artists from all over the world will appear here as part of the Carnaval Sztukmistrzów Festival. Part of the rich program will also take place in our shopping center. Especially prepared for this occasion, the Circus Town will be a place of juggling workshops for two days, which will include, among others juggling, balancing on a balance beam, walking on a slack rope, climbing a sash or learning acrobatic figures on an aerial sling.
The classes full of circus tricks will end with a special show "Aerial Twins" performed by young artists - sisters Oliwia and Wiktoria Hadka. They will present the audience gathered at VIVO! solo and duo aerial acrobatics.
Circus and aerial animation zone (29 - 30 July)
• Circus Town: 13.00-16.30
• Fabulous Show: 17.00-17.30

All events are free and do not require prior seat reservation. We invite you to have fun together!