To VIVO! Another edition of the world-famous Black Friday campaign has arrived in Lublin.

This year's edition is unique, as it will last a whole week and will be crowned by Saturday, November 27. During Black Week, promotions will be waiting not only for shopping enthusiasts, but also for their fur pets. Discounts can reach up to 80%!

VIVO_0027_Sklepy BF.jpg
VIVO_0035_Sklepy BF.jpg
VIVO_0076_Sklepy BF.jpg
VIVO_0005_Sklepy BF.jpg
VIVO_0007_Sklepy BF.jpg
VIVO_0010_Sklepy BF.jpg
VIVO_0042_Sklepy BF.jpg
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VIVO_0087_Sklepy BF.jpg
VIVO_0001_Sklepy BF.jpg
VIVO_0031_Sklepy BF.jpg
VIVO_0034_Sklepy BF.jpg
VIVO_0032_Sklepy BF.jpg
VIVO_0002_Sklepy BF.jpg
VIVO_0052_Sklepy BF.jpg
VIVO_0008_Sklepy BF.jpg
VIVO_0071_Sklepy BF.jpg
VIVO_0000_Sklepy BF.jpg
VIVO_0026_Sklepy BF.jpg
VIVO_0044_Sklepy BF.jpg
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VIVO_0013_Sklepy BF.jpg
VIVO_0039_Sklepy BF.jpg
VIVO_0017_Sklepy BF.jpg
VIVO_0011_Sklepy BF.jpg
VIVO_0079_Sklepy BF.jpg
VIVO_0084_Sklepy BF.jpg
VIVO_0024_Sklepy BF.jpg
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