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Sevda. Fulfilled desires.

At Sevda, we know that jewellery is an essential part of a woman's life, and our goal is to beautify the lives of women not only with gold, silver and diamonds jewellery, but also with memories, secrets and desires, because jewellery keeps alive the connection between past, present and future desires.

With each piece of Sevda jewellery, we want to create a fulfilled desire and with every fulfilled desire to colour the personality and spirit of women, to encourage them to discover themselves and to choose who they want to be, to see beauty, to intensify emotions and colour their thoughts.

As through jewellery we want to beautify the lives of women, through our collection of Boemia crystal objects, silver and decorative fine gifts we want to be an inspiration for choosing decorations that personalixe your home or offer as gifts, fine gifts that capture your passions and character.

For over 20 years, Sevda shops have been creating connections between jewellery, fine gifts and customers stories through gold, silver and diamonds jewellery, as well as Bohemia crystal objects, silver and decorative objects.

We invite you at Sevda jewellery stores to discover our range of rings, earrings, bracelets, chains, necklaces, pendants and sets of gold, silver and diamonds, as well as the range of Bohemia crystal objects, silver and decorative fine gifts.

Our company has a vast portfolio in terms of importing and selling precious metal jewellery.

Along with precious metal jewellery, Sevda has created a collection of natural and cultured pearl jewellery and a collection of stone jewellery.

As a result of more than 18 years of experience on the jewellery market, Sevda offers its customers extensive collections of unique, fashionable jewellery and decorative objects of a high quality.

Please choose from our collection:

·Silver jewellery
·Jewellery of natural and cultured pearls
·Natural stone jewellery
·18K Gold Diamond
·14K Gold
·Jewellery brands
·Decorative items
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