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 The celebration of love extends to the family

On Dragobete, we celebrate love in the most beautiful way - by including the little ones in our activities and teaching them what quality time spent with loved ones means.

And now the question is: how do we integrate the little ones into the itinerary of a romantic day while also having fun ourselves?

Firstly, try to divide the day into activities with the little one and time for something to do as a couple.

You can cook lunch or an interesting dessert that will pique the children's interest: heart-shaped cookiespancakes with unusual fillings, or crazily decorated cakes.

The next step is, of course, your date, where you spend quality time and enjoy this day dedicated to love. Choose a fun board game and dinner from your favorite restaurant, or any other activity you enjoy that brings you closer. And don't forget the most anticipated moment: the exchange of gifts.

Certainly, the most important step in planning is shoppingTake a trip to VIVO! and stock up on everything you've planned.

The day ends with a visit to the grandparents for the little one and a trip to the cinema for you, and maybe even a little stroll afterwards.

This is how a successful day looks for us from all perspectives. What other ideas do you have?