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The STONE AGE interactive exhibition at VIVO!

Between September 28 and October 15, all children between the ages of 5 and 12 are welcome at VIVO! to discover the fascinating world of the Stone Age.

The little ones will learn how prehistoric people lived, what were their main tools and how cave paintings were made.

Access is free, but subject to filling out the participation form, places being limited. Registrations can be made daily, between 11:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., at the information desk (entrance area no. 2, next to Starbucks) or by e-mail:

If you choose to register by e-mail, please send us the following information:
- date
- the time interval (between 12:00 and 20:00 - at 19:00 the start of the last tour takes place.)
- parent name
- child's name
- parent phone
- parent email
- child age

Let's embark together on a journey to the Stone Age!
The Dinosaurs
Little ones learn the fascinating and real story of dinosaurs! We teach them to discover how and when they lived and what made them disappear. Despite what they see in the cartoons, they will discover that they did not co-exist with humans.
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The Caveman
With the help of a statue representing a caveman, the little ones will understand how they looked and dressed in prehistoric times. Come with the little ones, to discover the 3 periods of the pitara era: Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic.
The Mammoth
The children will participate in a game for which they will dress up in a themed costume! They will dig up fruit from around a cave and ride a mammoth. Their experience will be complemented by predator sounds and finding shelter.
Cave - fire, cave drawings
The adventure of the little ones continues! Demolish boulders, hide from predators in the cave, block the entrance for safety, learn how cavemen lived, how they discovered fire and how they made cave drawings.
Tools in the Stone Age
It's time for the little ones to learn details about the tools of the Stone Age. They will see what they looked like, what they were used for and will be able to reconstruct such tools with their own hands.
Communication in the Stone Age
Are your little ones ready to learn how to communicate in the Stone Age? They will be challenged to guess what they can without words and connect a whole story from drawings such as weapons, men, tribe, food.
Wheel with questions

We are going to have fun playing the stone wheel quiz. We will spin the wheel and the little ones will answer some questions about the Stone Age. If they answer correctly, they will be considered a little anthropologist.

Photo Corner - The Flintstone Car
Smile! Let's take funny pictures with the little ones with the stone car. At the end they will also receive a diploma for the courage, creativity and team spirit they showed in the Stone Age adventure.

The regulation is available here or at the information desk.
We are waiting for you in the VIVO world!