See you at school

The first day of school, the first field trip with the class, the smell of chalk or the tests that caught you by surprise. In the box of memories from when we were children, the ones from school have a special place and always make us smile.


Well, we are once again at that magical time of year - back to school. Even though we won't be the ones walking into the classroom in a few days after a fun-filled summer vacation, we relive the most intense emotions through them, our children, brothers, sisters and grandchildren.


For the little ones, going back to school is a new chapter and a challenge every time. While they can't wait to see their classmates or make new friends, even the most conscientious kids would sometimes ditch their homework for a fun-filled day at the park.


For the older ones, who lead them by the hand on the first day and then on all the other days or who make them breakfast every morning, the emotions and joy are even greater, because they know that each passing year turns their dwarf into a man big and responsible that I raise.

There are only a few days left until school starts, and beyond the preparations with supplies and clothes, let's not forget to prepare ourselves emotionally for what will follow, a journey on the road of knowledge and adventure.


It's time to help them prepare their bags and embark them on the adventure of knowledge, and we turn into their reliable partners on this road. Treat every day as an opportunity to learn something new and every less happy moment as a valuable lesson.


Let the new year begin with smiles and courage, sharpened pencils and a lot of appetite for intellectual adventure. Good luck!


See you at school!