Pandora, a jewellery shop for women of all ages

Unforgettable moments are celebrated with PANDORA

Thirty years ago (1982), Per Enevoldesn made his dream come true, namely that of offering women of all ages the chance to purchase high-quality jewellery at affordable prices. This is how the story of PANDORA started, a brand that invites women everywhere to keep their memories in a different way, on customised bracelets with amulets adapted to their own style.

Time showed that women collect with pleasure and wear with great passion amulets of solid silver and gold, with diamonds and other precious stones, matched in a creative way, that symbolise the unforgettable moments in their lives: university graduation, the wedding day, a holiday with the loved one, the birth of the first child, a special anniversary, a promotion at the work place, or any other event that deserves to be celebrated.

As a matter of fact, the success of the brand is based on the fact that women can express their own individuality beyond any convention. With the unique design, PANDORA spoils its customers with jewellery of a classical elegance and also with modern touches.

Collection after collection, PANDORA jewellery invites you to rediscover and reinvent yourself. The PANDORA bracelet keeps your dearest moments close: the amulet in shape of a suitcase reminding you of your honeymoon, the pram-shaped amulet that marks the unique moment when you held in your arms you first-born or the stiletto amulet that will not let you forget the fact that, above all, you are a woman and that elegance comes from attitude.

PANDORA jewellery is made in over 70 countries, from 6 continents, through more than 10,000 sale points, of which approximately 700 are shops that manufacture PANDORA on an exclusive basis. The most popular charm (shaped as angel) was sold in over 3,5 million copies.



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