Style is a matter of decision ...
BEPON was founded in 1990. At present, it has 50 retail outlets in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic. Bepon is the sole representative and importer of prestigious Italian brands such as:
GOLDEN LADY - the largest manufacturer of ladies' hosiery in Europe, SISI and OMSA - brands for highly fashionable assortments for the most demanding customers, the German brand BURLINGTON - representing style, high level of quality and design.
At BEPON stores you will find a complete offer for women, men and children as well as a specialized health assortment. The highly specialized medical range of products from the SOLIDEA brand include massaging anti-cellulite leggings, special leggings and knee-high socks for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins as well as leggings that form and shape the figure.
Twice a year - in spring and autumn, Bepon brings the latest fashion trends from Italian and German fashion designers to market. Through its fashion collections, it offers socks, knee-high stockings, t-shirts and underwear to its customers, apart from hosiery.
Fashion trends have been coming every year and returning in a different manner every season ... How can one find their bearings in all that? Simply! Look with your heart, listen to your inner voice. Being dressed from head to toe in fashionable new items is certainly not the coolest style ... Indeed, style consists of high quality accessories and details. And that is a question of your decision ...
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