Gift card VIVO! Bratislava - one card for all stores!

Can’t think of the right gift for your loved ones, colleagues or acquaintances? Gift cards from VIVO! Bratislava are an ideal solution. Take advantage of this opportunity and give a "surprise of your choice".

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Use of card

All you need to do is choose an amount to charge the gift card and you can then give it to someone. The person will be able to use it in any store in VIVO! Bratislava!


Where can I buy the gift card?

At the infodesk at Main Rotunda of VIVO! Bratislava  you can buy the gift cards in any value from 20 EUR to 250 EUR.


Why a gift card?

It is possible to pay by card at every POS terminal in VIVO! Bratislava. The card can be used for several purchases in various stores in VIVO! Bratislava.

Validity of the card

Validity of card is 12 months from date of buying.

The amount is not possible to give back.


Amount on the card

You can check the balance of card on the website or by scanning the QR code on the back of the gift card. You can get an information about money balance at infodesk from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM at the Main rotunda in VIVO! Bratislava.


More questions?

For more information please contact us at +421 2 44 44 12 34.

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Where can you use the gift card?

Do you want to know where is possible to use a VIVO! Bratislava gift card.

The list of stores is  here.