CBD predajňa

CBD predajňa can be find in the favourite shopping mall VIVO! Bratislava. 

In the store you may find a wide range of CBD, CBG and CBN products from producers not only from Slovakia. 

In the offer canbe find a CBD oil, INDOOR and HYDRO CBD or the cosmetics with CBD. 



VIVO! Bratislava is here for you!


Beehives in VIVO! Bratislava

Did you know that bees have recently started to thrive better in urban environments than near agricultural fields? That's why VIVO! Bratislava decided to involve with the Živica civic association in their beautiful project City Bees. 

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We are happy to tell you about a new restaurant which we have in VIVO!

Visit our foodcourt and try a delicious KFC.

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Libraries in rest zones

In the rest zones in our shopping mall VIVO! Bratislava are situated a bookshelves full of books. The books are available for everybody who are visiting our shopping mall. 

If you have books at home which you do not read anymore and books just take a space, bring them to us and give them a chance to say stories to new readers! 

In case you have questions do not hesitate to ask at the infodesk.

The bookshelves was realised in cooperation with Panta Rhei.

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