BEEHIVES in VIVO! Bratislava

VIVOBa_včely 1.jpg

Did you know that bees have recently started to thrive better in urban environments than near agricultural fields?


This is due to the massive use of human land, which interferes with the natural habitat of bees, as well as the use of pesticides and chemicals or increasingly serious climate change - weather fluctuations, extreme droughts and warmth.



That's why VIVO! Bratislava decided to involve with the Živica civic association in their beautiful project City Bees. We have built a home for more than 30,000 bees in our roof together. These hard-working friends are essential for life on our planet. In addition to pollinating the trees from which we have oxygen, studies show that we thank them for every third bite we put in our mouths.

We believe that in this way we will also contribute to the protection of nature in our surroundings. We also want cities to gradually become richer in species and a better home for pollinating insects and all of us. But you can also help. All you have to do is protect the bees, or diversify your balcony with various flowers, ideally geraniums or petunias. Of course without pesticides.


So, let’s welcome the bees together in our neighborhood and enjoy their diligence.