School starts: list of new clothes for the little ones.

Text by Mara Coman.


Before my girls started school (now in fourth grade, they grew up), I enthusiastically bought them many T-shirts. Colorful, cheerful, some with a print. I breathed a sigh of relief at the thought that by the time it cooled, they had everything they needed. It's just that on the first day of school, the teacher told us that students should wear white T-shirts and dark pants. Well, I think I only had a few white T-shirts. And rightly so: how many white T-shirts and blouses does a six-year-old have? How many of them escape unscathed after the first behavior? My experience says none.


It would have helped me to ask someone before I went shopping for the start of school. To have read an article, to receive advice. But I had such a busy time that I just didn't think about anything. I was also used to the girls' kindergarten, where, if they wanted, they could go in princess dresses. But all the nonsense caught me: now I can share with you what I learned about the little ones' wardrobe. It can help someone else.


Important questions


If I had called the school secretary, I would have found out immediately what the recommended outfit is. In fact, I later realized that most schools require students to dress as above - only I, immersed in mine, did not know. There are also schools that have uniforms, so it's really worth informing yourself and not shopping without knowing it.


Chic versus comfort


Classic t-shirt, polo shirt, long sleeve blouse, shirt? If the little ones have no other opinion, opt for the classic white cotton t-shirts and some with long sleeves. Without ever understanding why, my girls didn't really want to wear T-shirts, they seemed uncomfortable. As for the shirts, here, I admit, I did not want to complicate my life with ironing many and small shirts.


Keep in mind that most of the time it is very hot; if it's the same at your children's school, there's no point in buying sweaters, sweatshirts and other thick white blouses - they'll take them off as soon as they get to school.


And the pants must have a comfortable pattern. Although jeans are cool, many children prefer to wear sports pants, casual or tights. Of course, the outfit is no longer so chic (for us), but it matters more for them to feel good in the clothes they wear. Even if you buy jeans, look for those with soft material, such as lyocell.


Dresses and skirts


If you are not the mother of a very pretty girl, buy some dresses and skirts for school - at least in the cold season. It's nice to have a few, for the most beautiful days. But in winter, when it is very cold and dark in the morning, he will want to leave the house with a duvet, not a skirt and tights.


Hedgehog shoes


Of course, every child has their own personality. But as excited as my lacquered slippers girls were, they wore them so seldom. They were gorgeous, but they felt best in sneakers. With hedgehogs, so as not to tie their laces all the time.


Good to know: there is a good chance that another pair of shoes will be needed to stay in school, in the closet, especially for the sports class.


Zippered sweatshirts


I admit, I also saw children going to school in a jacket (I don't mean the one who is part of the school uniform) and they look very chic. And the cardigans are beautiful, even if the buttons give problems. But if I were to make a top, I would put on the zippered sweatshirts first. They are the convenient option to quickly wear a white T-shirt / blouse / shirt. Easy to put on and take off. Funny, sometimes, hiding under the hood.




Not so much for the children as for the mother. Just breathe. Those white T-shirts will be stained on the first day. You will buy many stain solutions. You will become a specialist in brands of stain solutions, you will discuss them with other mothers. You will ask your children not to wipe themselves, at the table, on the T-shirt. Stop staining it with ink, watercolors and a pink marker. In vain. It will happen again and again. I have no idea at what age all this stops.


Initially you will buy other t-shirts, also white. And then, one morning, when I go to class, you will see that all the children's T-shirts are the same: a stain here, one there. Washed, clean, but with traces of sturdy marker that come out of nowhere. Then you will relax.


There are children, they all do that. And it's okay. No sense in telling you now - I don't want to ruin the surprise.


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