Interview with Ileana Badiu: about elegance and other joys

  1. What does Elegance mean to you?
  3. Apart from the moments when I go to the gym and do sports, I always like to be elegant, and by elegant, I mean to be nicely dressed, in trends and always arranged. Only for special events do I use the classic elegance, but even then I take into account what is worn at that moment. My “street” elegance always combines clothing elements in the most creative way.

What would you recommend to girls, or ladies, who want to be more elegant?


Anyway, first of all I would recommend all women to be elegant and I say again, elegant in the sense of beautifully dressed and arranged. When you look in the mirror and you like yourself, you start the engines differently, you have more zest for life, for action, you are simply with a much better vibe. So my advice is simple: be beautiful and nicely dressed for yourself, that you matter the most!


What activities would you propose to VIVO fans! for this summer, to feel in every moment the element of Elegance?


This summer seems like SUMMER to me. After a year of sacrifice and austerity, this summer we should always be nicely dressed and especially prepared for the activities that fill our soul and brain the most. What can I propose? Everything from concerts, theater, film and music festivals to evenings for two with the necessary romance and the most special outfits. It is a summer that must be lived to the fullest, because now we know how to appreciate freedom more, but also ourselves. I propose to my fans to be elegant inside out, day in and day out.


What outfits do you recommend for VIVO T-shirts?


What I really liked about these t-shirts is that you can match them with anything. The versatility of an item of clothing fascinates me the most, so when VIVO! he sent me the t-shirts I was very happy to match them with all kinds of skirts and pants and to see how simple it is to look cool and elegant with these t-shirts. Then I found out about the campaign in which anyone can win a T-shirt on the spot, only with the shopping voucher of at least 200 lei and I thought that if I didn't receive them to promote them, I would definitely participate to win them.


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