Surprise of the summer at VIVO! Win a themed t-shirt!


This summer is about what you like best: being with your loved ones in your favorite places. Maybe you like elegant outings, or fun-filled ones, you may prefer to go out to a high-class restaurant, or to a beach party. This summer you can do them all, and VIVO! is here to support you with the latest summer collections, discounts, offers, and style tips.

Win the VIVO t-shirt!

Each voucher of 200 lei from VIVO! brings you the chance to win one of the t-shirt models above. # elegance and # fun guide us this summer to have the best experiences, so their design was made in the same spirit!


Buy everything you love and live everything you dreamed of! Come with the shopping voucher of at least 200 lei to the information office in VIVO! and you can win instantly by drawing one of the three shirts.

Ileana Badiu, Codin Maticiuc, Mihaela Giuran, Marius TNF also joined the campaign. They each received a T-shirt representative of their style: # elegance / # fun and the challenge of doing more fun or classy summer activities. Follow on Instagram and stay tuned to see what adventures they will go through!

Campaign rules: click here.