Back to School at VIVO!

The start of school is approaching and we know very well that it is full of excitement, anticipation and a strong desire to be with your little one in everything he is passionate about - whether it is an interest in painting, mathematics or even fashion. And because the start of a new school year is the ideal context for new friends, the development of special skills and the ambition to be the best, we have prepared a useful list to help you organize your shopping at the beginning of September, so that to be able to focus on the truly special moments that await you.

At VIVO! you find everything you need to start a 10th grade school year together.

First on the shopping list are the must-have supplies, which she will use almost daily and will definitely become attached to when completing all her school assignments.

If writing utensils, notebooks, sharpeners and pencils are those cheerful accessories that will need to be replaced frequently, make sure that the satchel and pencil case are to his liking and really reflect his personality. We have prepared all the supplies your little one needs at VIVO! and special offers at Cărturești and Noriel.

In second place, but as important as the supplies, are the outfits for starting school. LIVE! we've got you covered with fall-appropriate outfits that are perfect for school and cool enough to at least garner an admiring glance from your fellow classmates. Discover the special offers from C&A or Benvenuti and choose together outfits that inspire you.

Supplements and personal hygiene products are indispensable in the little one's bag, so that they can have fun and learn without any worries. You can find it at Sensiblu, in VIVO! the products he needs to keep his energy at peak levels.

To charge yourself with energy and go shopping, between shopping sessions you can enjoy the special offers from MADO.

In the end, don't forget that the moment you are waiting for together, #BacktoSchool, is always about walking with the little ones on a path full of novelty, discovery and knowledge. Back to school, back in style, for a grade 10 school year.