This year's St. Nicholas' Day falls on Monday, but Helios will start a great movie celebration on Friday! Participation in the marathon full of horror is the perfect Santa gift for all lovers of horror movies because on December 3, dark cinema fans will see a set of four thrilling movies!

In all Helios cinemas across Poland, on December 3, an hour before midnight, the Santa Claus Marathon of Terror will begin. Fear to be afraid! The set of films selected by the network for the Santa Claus Marathon of Terrors will definitely give a thrill to every fan of strong impressions on the big screen!

The first two pre-premieres will be shown: "Advent Calendar" and "Son". After these titles, it is time for the "Curse of Youth" and ... a witch hunt. The end of the marathon is an extremely atmospheric "Night Creatures". Dark legends, haunted houses, terrifying secrets, possession - these are the themes of the next Helios movie marathon!

Socks, chocolates? It's all been there! A Christmas gift, far from being repeated, will definitely be a ticket to the Santa Claus Marathon of Terror. The right dose of emotions will surely make helios Santa Clauses remembered for a long time by every cinema lover! Such a dose of terror will keep anyone from falling asleep long after returning home.

It's time to buy tickets by going to the website, and then stock up on a good mood, exercise your strong nerves and appear on December 3 at the Helios cinema for blood-chilling December screenings!