Slides, carousels, and a track with cars - these and other attractions appeared last Friday, May 13, at the VIVO parking lot! Stalowa Wola. The Amusement Park in front of the Shopping Center will be open until May 22, and on May 18-19, you will be able to get your dream ticket entitling you to use a selected attraction located in the amusement park. It is enough to take part in a promotional campaign, do shopping for min. PLN 100 and show the receipts at a stand specially prepared for this occasion. A total of 400 tickets are to be given away!
In the VIVO parking lot! Stalowa Wola, a unique place has emerged recently - a mobile amusement park with many attractions. You can take advantage here, among others with inflatable slides, colorful carousels, a track with cars, as well as many other classic attractions located in amusement parks around the world.
Due to the appearance of the Amusement Park, the shopping center has prepared an interesting promotional campaign for its customers. Customers who will come to VIVO! Stalowa Wola on May 18-19, from 12.00-18.00 and they will do the shopping for min. PLN 100 (max. On 2 receipts) will be able to pick up a ticket to the Amusement Park at the promotional stand. For a multiple of PLN 100, you will be able to receive a maximum of 2 tickets. There will be 200 in the pool every day!
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