The New Year is the time when most of us start thinking about the changes we want to make in our lives. New Year's resolutions become an inspiration to take up challenges and improve our habits. However, before we start achieving our goals, it is worth considering what steps we can take to make the path to success easier. VIVO! Krosno is not only a shopping place, but also a source of support and inspiration for New Year's resolutions.

Healthy lifestyle and physical activity
One of the most common New Year's resolutions is to take care of your health and be physically active. At VIVO! In Krosno we can find sports equipment stores (Martes Sport, 4F), fashionable sportswear (4F, Sizeer) and health food stores (FRAC). Purchasing a new outfit or sports equipment can be a great motivator to start regular training.

Personal development and learning new skills
The desire to develop yourself and learn new skills is another popular New Year's resolution. In the Świat bookstore in VIVO! Krosno you can find a wide selection of guides, manuals and motivational literature. Moreover, in the coming year you will have many events that will allow you to develop intellectually and acquire new knowledge.

Finding a balance between work and private life
Work-life balance is a key element of a harmonious life. At VIVO! Krozno you will find stores such as HOMLA and Home&You offering home goods that will help you create a cozy place to relax. Additionally, electronics stores - Media markt or Teleakces - can provide us with tools for effective time management, which will allow us to achieve a balance between duties and pleasures.

Pleasant shopping, participation in social events and a diverse range of stores make the shopping center a key element of success in achieving your goals for the next year. Therefore, it is worth using the potential of the shopping center to make our New Year's dreams come true