Coziness thanks to textiles in autumn colors
Blanket or blanket - a soft, warm blanket is the perfect accessory for colder evenings.
Change pillow covers to autumn patterns and warm materials such as wool or velvet.
Add a rug with fall colors or patterns to create a cozy place to relax.
Warm colors dominate now! Add warm shades such as orange, red, brown and gold to your decorations and textiles.

Lighting creates atmosphere
Place candlesticks with autumn candles that smell of spices or the popular scent of apple with cinnamon or pumpkin. This season, choose lanterns with LED light, because they can create a magical atmosphere in your home.

Create amazing decorations
Collect leaves and twigs from the garden or park and place them in vases or on the mantelpiece, or use the pumpkins as table decorations or place them on the windowsill.
It will also be a great idea to prepare an autumn garland and use ribbons for decoration.
If you are a DIY master, we encourage you to prepare felt decorations in the shape of leaves, deer, acorns or mushrooms - these are popular motifs this season.

Seasonal plants
Decorate your home with a bouquet of seasonal flowers, such as chrysanthemums or asters. You can also go classic and potted plants, such as ferns or orchids, add coziness to the rooms.

Table and kitchen
Choose napkins and tablecloths in autumn colors - they are visible at first glance when you enter the kitchen. Additionally, if you put tableware with autumn patterns and shapes on the table, it will fit perfectly into the autumn atmosphere.

Remember that autumn is the time when you can experiment with decoration and create a cozy atmosphere in your home. Let your decorations reflect your style and personality, creating a place where you enjoy spending time.

Let autumn reign in every corner of your home thanks to shopping at VIVO!