Unique Gifts for Men

Do you dream of creating unforgettable moments this Christmas by giving the important man in your life unique gifts? Instead of looking for inspiration in different places, go to VIVO! KROSNO, where the magic of Christmas is combined with a wealth of unique gift ideas for every man.

Men's accessories from the KUBENZ showroom are a great gift idea that adds elegance and style to any men's wardrobe. In the KUBENZ store you will find a wide selection of exclusive accessories, such as ties, elegant watches and leather wallets, which will emphasize the individual style of the recipient. Such a gift will not only bring joy, but will also make him feel more confident and fashionable, adding a bit of luxury to his everyday life.

A gift card to a shopping mall is always a great gift idea for a man because it gives him the opportunity to choose from a variety of products and stores according to his taste and preferences. It's a practical solution that allows him to find something perfect, whether it's new electronic gadgets, stylish clothing or hobby accessories. A gift card is a guarantee of a good gift, enabling a man to make personal purchases and enjoy the items he chooses. You can buy it directly at the cash machine located at the YES showroom.

Elegant home accessories are a great gift idea for a man who values comfort and aesthetics in his surroundings. A cup with a unique pattern or personalization is not only a practical item, but also a subtle accessory that will bring joy to the person during everyday moments of relaxation. Additionally, designer coasters, elegant table lamps or stylish interior decorations are perfect gifts that add character and a unique atmosphere. You will find unique proposals especially for him at Home&You.

A watch is always a stylish gift. Choose a model that suits his preferences - it can be a classic, sporty or modern smartwatch. By buying a watch as a gift for a man for Christmas, you will give him not only a practical item for everyday use, but also an elegant accessory that will emphasize his style and classic style, adding the unique character of each moment. It is a gift that will accompany him over time, and at the same time expresses your concern for his uniqueness. You will certainly find many wonderful models in the Time Trend showroom in our center.

Comfortable shoes that combine functionality with fashionable design can be a perfect Christmas gift for a man. Choose models made of high-quality materials and with attention to detail to ensure not only comfort, but also a stylish addition to any wardrobe. Comfortable shoes will be a perfect gift, guaranteeing joy and usefulness every day.

Many brands now offer lines of cosmetics especially created for men. An elegant set of beard care cosmetics, an exclusive aftershave balm or a set of perfumes are proposals that will surely appeal to everyone and you will undoubtedly find the best ones on the shelves at Rossmann or in a men's fashion salon!

If the man you want to give a gift to is a literature lover, choose books by authors he likes. Alternatively, you can look for gadgets related to his hobby, e.g. gadgets related to his favorite band or movie. The sellers at the Book World in our shopping center will help you choose the right items.

By visiting VIVO! Krosno, you avoid the Christmas chaos and noise. You'll find everything you need in one place, making it easy to choose the perfect gifts. The shops are decorated and the atmosphere is conducive to Christmas shopping. In the meantime, you can stop for coffee or a warm drink at the KEKS confectionery shop, Grycan ice cream parlor or SANTOS confectionery shop, which will make your time even more pleasant. Discover the magic of Christmas and give your loved one a gift that will stay in his heart for a long time.

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