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VIVO! Talks - The Woman Entrepreneur, Inspiration for New Beginnings

In March, we celebrate the women who inspire us from the local community. We listen to their stories and rejoice together in a day filled with surprises, styling tips, makeup, and positive energy.

Because we love to mark important moments, on March 16, starting at 1:00 PM, we bring together in the VIVO! world women who inspire us from different fields, but united by passion and love for what they do. We listen to their stories on stage, guided by Cecilia Ilie, a radio personality at Play Radio Constanța.

With the right questions, feminine energy, and diverse topics, we invite on stage:

✨ Ioana Căluț, Miraj Tour
✨ Mădălina Ionete, The Donut Library
✨ Carmen Bărbascu, entrepreneur Catalina Ponor Body-Fit
✨ Stefania Filip, DeliCasa
✨ Beatrice Petreanu, manager Mangia-Mangia Cucina Italiana
✨ Mădălina Singer, jazz singer
✨ Claudia Constantinescu, Ava Art Studio
✨ Camelia Artamon, entrepreneur Kool Media & Ynk Media
✨ Coca Dumitru, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist Equilibrium
✨ Asela Pătrașcu, makeup artist, and hairdresser
✨ Bianca Costea, coach Oeno Desk Consult
✨ Cecilia Ilie, 

We will have a series of Q&A and inspiration, and our partners will be present to surprise you with makeup sessions, cocktails, and other treats.

The event takes place at entrance no. 3, starting at 1:00 PM.

Admission is free.

The Women's Month brings the community together in the VIVO! world.

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Ioana Căluț, manager Miraj Tour
Approaches her work with passion, driven by the people around her who have motivated her to evolve while maintaining her optimism.
The Donut Library
Madalina Ionete is the founder of The Donut Library brand. For 8 years, she has brought joy and color to Constanta, both at events and in the day-to-day life of the community.
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Cătălina Ponor Body-Fit
Carmen Bărbăscu is the mother of the triple Olympic champion, Cătălina Ponor. She manages her own business in the sports industry, inspired by her daughter, with a great deal of passion and determination, guided by the motto "To fulfill your dream, sacrifice and hard work are necessary."
  • Ștefania Filip face totul din pasiune pentru sănătate și nutriție și prin tot ceea ce face își dorește să ofere opțiuni de hrană vie pentru imunitate și energie. DeliCasa este afacerea prin care produce dulce sănătos din fructe.
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Cucina Italiana
  • Beatrice Petreanu is already celebrating nine years of Mangia-Mangia, on this occasion declaring her love for everything related to Italy, for cooking, and also for traveling.
Madalina Singer has been passionate about music since childhood. After an artistic career in Germany and Switzerland, she returned to Romania to continue her musical journey.
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Ava Art Studio
  • Claudia is passionate about music, nature, and painting, and this is evident in everything she does at Ava Art Studio, the Cultural Center of Art, where she organizes dance and gymnastics classes for children.
Kool Media & Ynk Media
For over 20 years, Camelia Artamon has been developing marketing and public relations campaigns at Kool Media, consistently bringing added value and visibility to any business.
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Psychologist-Psychotherapist Equilibrium
Coca Dumitru is a psychologist-psychotherapist, and through her practice at Equilibrium, she manages to do what she loves most.
Make-up artist and hair dresser
  • Asela Pătrașcu manages several businesses centered around childcare, including after-school programs and a playground, providing support to parents in Constanța. Additionally, she is passionate about makeup and hair styling, turning it into a profession.
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Coach Oeno Desk Consult
  • Bianca Costea are, de peste 10 ani, o afacere prin care ajută antreprenorii să își dezvolte afacerile, iar prin specializările pe care le are, ajută oamenii să își descopere pasiunile, să își urmeze visele și să devină mai buni comunicatori. Este mentor de coaching pentru  Maxwell Leadership România, specialist în coaching acreditat de Ministerul Muncii și Educației.
Radio personality
Cecilia Ilie has been a radio personality for 15 years and a teacher for 20 years. Through her professions, she has managed to build a community that listens to her with affection.
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