Tabac Xpress

Tabac Xpress was founded in Poland in 2001 and now has over 170 shops in modern commercial and business centres. The first Xpress shop in Romania was opened in 2015.


The XPRESS concept is modern and complex and it is distinguished by quality in design, quality and speed of service, by ethics, respect and integrity for providers, employers and customers.


The brand range includes cigarettes, tobacco and accessories, press, games and products of the Romanian lottery, cards and vouchers, as well as other categories of products and services complementary to the principal mix ( books, tickets to events and transport, toys, fresh drinks & alcohol, fresh coffee to go, sweets, accessories).


Since the first shop in Romania, Tabac Xpress includes important suppliers such as British American Tabacco, JTI, Philip Morris, Imperial Tabacco, Burda International Tabacco, Coca Cola, Romanian lottery and Romanian Strauss.


VIVO! Tabac Xpress is characterised by speed of service, a wide offer of products and a modern and friendly concept!