Sofiaman / Lisca, pyjamas shop, underwear, sports goods and many other products for women and men

The SOFIAMAN company manufactures and sells knitwear items under its own brand. More precisely, we are specialised in the manufacture of pyjamas, for women and men, in the percentage of 85%. The range is completed by items of underwear, sports items (T – shirts) and other various items of in-house type clothing.

SOFIAMAN has been active on the Romanian market since 1996, becoming the strongest national brand for this type of products. Market research carried out at the end of last year throughout the Romanian territory proves and supports this fact, indicating the market quota at a level of 42%.

The items are intended for average and above average people. All products are manufactured in the best quality knitwear, treated so as to avoid the damage done by washing or long –term wearing. Only natural fibres are used to offer as much comfort as possible to our customers.

At the beginning of 2007, a cooperation was established with LISCA company – Slovenia, manufacturer of women underwear. LISCA is a very well-known brand in Europe that has been selling for more than 50 years in more than 15 countries such as: Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Austria, Slovenia, etc. The quality level of these products can be compared with that of other famous brands such as Triumf, Maryan Mellorn, Aubade, etc.


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