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Games open the mind and the soul

We know that the main concern of parents is children’s education, the time they spend as a family, the quality of games and toys with which the little ones play. Each has its role in shaping the children’s personality and skills, that’s why each toy should provide safety in handling and freedom of play, to stimulate the children’s creativity and imagination, besides the educational or recreational purpose for which it is designed.

We like simple, but well-made things that offer more usage alternatives, and which stand the test of time and that of intensive play. This is how we choose the toys we offer, made of wood and natural and safe materials, family games and board games for adults, creative sets, decorations, books.

Because we think about the joy of those who are still playing, big or small, because we like beautiful people and beautiful games, because what matters most are the quality and the advantages that children can have when they learn by play…or just for the love of games, at the Toys Loft you will find a wide range of products (Djeco-kits creative and games; Selecta-babies wooden toys; society games Ligretto, Caracassonne, Rubik cube, Copa, Kulami, Linjia, etc.).

We believe in partnerships, not in competition, so … come and play! Together we add value to the game.

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