Decathlon, a sporting goods shop with prices accessible to all

“Create a drive for & make the pleasure and benefits of sport accessible to as wide an audience as possible“.

This has been DECATHLON‘s promise to its customers from the beginning.

With all sports under one roof, DECATHLON has, from its earliest days, strived to make sport more accessible and affordable:
• Affordable prices but no compromise on the continuing quality of our products. Uncomplicated shops, optimised logistics, efficient organisations and constant vigilance to control costs are how we have and continue to drop our product prices on a regular basis.
• Accessibility through a wide range of sporting goods. Our ranges include products from our own brands, our Passion Brands such as Quechua, b‘Twin or Tribord, and products from leading international brands.

As well as our products, DECATHLON also offers a range of services to make sport easier and more accessible: shop workshops, customisation services, fidelity cards etc.

DECATHLON has also opened up its relations with its customers by sharing sports with them during 30 weekends with sport events, organised every year. Through these events, which are free to join, our customers can explore and share sports activities as a family, alongside the staff from their Decathlon store.

DECATHLON members who are mad about sport, work every day to ensure our customers are happy.



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