BCR, tradition bank, with a wide range of quality products and services, internet banking and e-commerce services

BCR, member of the Erste Group, is a universal bank, intended for retail as well as corporate customers. BCR is the most important banking institution in Romania, administrating assets of over 17, 1 billion euros. BCR is the most valuable financial brand of Romania.

The bank offers the complete range of products and services for citizens, having at present 643 retail units (for population and micro-enterprises) opened throughout the country in most of the cities with more than 10,000 inhabitants. The corporate customers can take advantage of the of the BCR services through 52 corporate business centres dedicated mainly to IMMs (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) and major companies. The bank makes available for its customers, natural or legal persons a wide range of products and banking services, including Internet banking services, phone – banking and e – commerce. BCR issues 23 types of credit and debit cards and has installed the biggest ATM and POS national network – more than 1.600 ATMs and over 14,000 electronic operational terminals at the traders for payments by card.

BCR is nowadays the most important financial Group of Romania, with activities at home and abroad – by subsidiaries and banking representations, with a distinct presence, through its profile societies, on the leasing market, in the field of assets management, capital market, private pensions, habitation banks, as well as in insurances.


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