VIVO! in trends: how we prepare when we go for a run

Lately most of us work from home, or we spend more time indoors. And that's why it's important to get organized so that we can do more sports - to keep our health and well-being strong. The options for it are various: going to the gym, aerobics, yoga, outdoor sports, etc. But, of all these, going out to run in the nearest park would be the most accessible, because we do not depend on anyone and we can go out at any time.


For those who are not used to this activity, it may seem difficult at first. But with a few elements of preparation, we say it's possible. See below some suggestions from us:


⦿ Set at the beginning 1 day a week when you want to go out and link this activity to another that you already have: for example, you can say: I will go for a run on Saturday morning, immediately after eating something very light. Then you can increase the number of outings, especially since you will probably like it a lot.


⦿ Set yourself to run at first only 10 minutes, then you can gradually increase your running time.


⦿ Prepare your necessary clothes, shoes, accessories, and personal care products to feel good and motivated:




It is important that they are specially created for sports activities, made of synthetic materials such as polyester, polyamide, or elastane because they dry quickly and are very light. You can find many options at Intersport.


Choose models that are in line with your tastes, but also in trend, if you are the type who follow fashion with pleasure. This spring in trend are:


⦿ very short pants (weather permitting)

⦿ 90's style

⦿ deep yellow

⦿ blue accents




It is important to have special running shoes, because they have an ergonomic shape, which absorbs shocks, have grip and thus protect the ligaments, avoiding injuries. You can find new models at Hervis.





Accessories that can make your run more enjoyable can be: a small backpack, a phone holder, headphones that stay fixed in motion, a bottle of water from which you can drink easily, from running, protein bars, a smart bracelet, which monitor your activity, connected to a sports application, such as the FitBit bracelet.

It will show you how many kilometers you have traveled, how long, it will monitor your pulse and number of steps.

If you want it and feel lucky you can participate in the VIVO! Stylish Spring raffle, where you can win a FitBit Inspire 2 model.


More details here.




Get ready with sports shower gels, deodorant created especially for the most active and sunscreen, if it's sunny outside, to protect your skin. You can find them all here in Carrefour.


⦿ Start with stretching. It is very important not to forget about it, to keep your joints well warmed up when you start running, in order to avoid injuries.

⦿ Create a playlist for running or choose one already made for this purpose: it will put you in an alert state and will motivate you to run more.

⦿ Mindset: set yourself something for each time you go jogging - to think about something specific, or not to think about anything, to take a break from your worries, to feel that you are using that time for something else too that will bring a benefit

⦿ Socialize with other runners, look for running groups and sign up for marathons: meeting new people or setting a milestone and time target for a competition can be additional motivating factors

⦿ Think that you will be able to be an inspiration to others if you manage to run regularly.


Good luck! 😊