How to organize the desk of the little schoolboy

Text by Mara Coman.


I thought I knew what I was doing when I bought my girls white desks. And, surprisingly, color was the least of the problems. But let's start with the beginning.


While they were little, in kindergarten, they did not have two desks in their room, but a table and chairs for drawing or other such activities. Of course, before school started, I went to buy offices for them. I chose some small, white ones (I know !!!), two swivel chairs for children and two lamps. The camera looked great, I remember I took pictures.

If I were to do this again, I would certainly take into account other things that I did not think of then.


Choice of offices


I remember looking especially for small offices, because I didn't want to block their room with them - especially since I have two children. But, over time, I found that larger offices would have helped more, so that they could have both their textbook and their notebook.


It is very useful to have at least one spare drawer for pen, colors, diaries, notebooks. You have no idea how many gather.


And, regardless of the color of the desk, a protective foil works wonders. It doesn't save him at all, but he will remain presentable for longer.


Office organization


I imagined that in the first years of school, when the children only have a few books and notebooks, they will put them in a pile on the desk. I quickly found that: 1. they don't have so few notebooks and that: 2. they find them anyway and everywhere, only not arranged one on top of the other. So we bought various accessories to help us get some order.

A set of trays and two vertical supports solved the problem of textbooks and notebooks. The room doesn't look messy anymore, but I also got rid of the problem with "I don't know where the math notebook is". They're all arranged there, we don't look for them for a whole day.


The organizers for pencils, pens, erasers are both beautiful (you can choose from dozens of models) and useful. Less chance to step on fallen pencils and more likely to know where to get a sharpener or scissors.


A support for textbooks that is really useful: the book is placed vertically and is much more comfortable, but also healthier for the child - it does not bend over the textbook, so the position at the desk is correct.


A lamp is needed, we all know why, so let's not forget about it. Nor by the banal and underestimated trash can. It has magical powers if it's located near the office: it absorbs a lot of papers and papers, pieces of adhesive tape, stickers, scraps of sharp pencils, plasticine and other things you haven't even thought about.


Ooook. Once you have set up the desk and thought about everything, you still need patience and persuasive power: you will repeat to the child, more often or less often, why the objects should be put in their place and why all purchased organizers are not just for decoration. But it's OK, we're all going through this 😊. It's just a period.


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