Emotions from the first day of school

Text by Mara Coman


On the morning of their first day of school, my little girls never stopped talking and blabbering on. A mixture of agitation and impatience that didn't help me much either - they transmitted my condition and I started to get stressed. Fortunately, I found a moment to breathe and remember what was actually happening: we were going to school. It's nothing serious and there's nothing wrong with that. I told them the same thing and it seemed that the emotions calmed down a bit.

These days I thought about my first days of school: the first grade, but also the next ones. The truth is that emotions, agitation, impatience were present every year and are very natural. It's all about not being overwhelmed by them. And my solution is planning and organizing. It's simpler than it sounds.


  1. Prepare the clothes the day before


It seems trivial, but it saves you from extra stress. Think in advance about what your child will wear on the first day of school and involve him in the choice of clothes - it is important, everything will be smoother if you do not negotiate the outfit at 7 in the morning. And the little one will be calmer and happier to wear clothes in which he feels good. Of course, it can't be just anything: the recommended outfit usually consists of a white T-shirt and dark pants or skirt.


Good. Now that the little one is on all fours, don't forget about you either. Choose your outfit taking into account the fact that you will have to wait an hour or two in the school yard. So it would be a good idea to dress lightly and wear comfortable shoes.


I must also mention that I would do anything, just not have to step at 7 in the morning. Something tells me that it doesn't give you much pleasure either. If we guessed, then we are on the same wavelength as the preparation of the clothes the day before.


  1. Decide how you will get to school


The traffic on the first day of school is infernal. So, if you want to drive, take a longer time than usual. It's better not to stress that you're late - although, between us, no one will know if you've reached 8 or 8 and a quarter. The opening ceremony lasts quite a long time.


Also for reasons of congestion I would not rely on a taxi. If you haven't scheduled it the day before, you may not be able to find one in a timely manner. If the school is not far away, the subway, the bus or even a walk is a good option for the first day.


  1. Buy a potted flower


I'm not going to get into the flower controversy here - personally, I think it's a nice gesture to give a flower on the first day of school. Not valuable gifts, but a flower. My girls really want to bring flowers to the teacher, so I don't see why I should take away their joy.


But what kind of flowers? I admit that I was a little marked by my childhood when I went to school with gladioli taller than me. I held them in my hands until my fingers were numb and I was afraid I would break one and give the lady a bouquet of flowers with an even number. I think I broke a chrysanthemum once and supported it with the others, so that it wouldn't be noticed. Well, that's why I find it easier to buy a flower pot. A small flower pot, because someone will have to hold it in their arms for the duration of the schoolyard festivity.


  1. Don't fill your backpack with anything

Because you have no reason: the first day is always the shortest. The pen and a notebook, maybe two, are enough. I don't think there will be time for a lunch break either, but you can slip a small sandwich or a fruit and a couple of biscuits into the package. I bring joy!


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