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5 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him

Although at first glance it seems that the month of love presents many more gift options for ladies and gentlemen, the reality is that gentlemen are just as well represented when we think of fun, practical and inspired gifts that make them feel appreciated.

You can say, "I love you!" in many ways and to express your creativity to the fullest, and at the same time to avoid hundreds of hours of scrolling in search of gifts a few days before Valentine’s Day. Keep in mind all the passions you know so well when you choose the gift that will remind him that you are much more attentive to his preferences than he would have imagined.

A very important place in the list of gift suggestions for the man in your life is occupied by games, gadgets and everything that means DIGITAL.

Few would say "step" a few hours of playing Assassin's Creed after a tiring day at the office, even if they don't admit it. Even fewer would refuse to watch their favorite comedy show or the latest documentary on streaming networks on a Full HD TV.
But most importantly, NO ONE, absolutely no one, would refuse a high-performance gadget with which to take pictures, film, write down the shopping lists you dictate on the phone and listen to your favorite playlist on Spotify (in headphones, of course , so you don't have to listen to him 😊). At VIVO !, at Media Galaxy, Cărturești or iStyle you can find super Valentine’s Day gifts - we estimate a success rate of 99.9%.

Let's not forget the essential accessories in the gift guide for him: black sneakers, blue sneakers and especially, white sneakers. Even if he only goes to the monthly football match with his co-workers or spends at least 7 of his 7 days a week at the gym, he will definitely be delighted with the quality sports equipment. It will motivate him to continue his training, or at least inspire him to imagine the main character in the Rocky franchise.

You can find sports equipment suitable for the man in your life at Decathlon, Intersport or Hervis. We believe that you are finally convincing him to film those TIKTOKs in which he floats with you in the back.

Another place in the shortlist is occupied by intellectual food: Books. Many books.

He will be happier than ever to receive the volume in the hardcover version of the science franchise he loves or the collector's edition of the science-fiction novels he read at least a few years before the films were released. At Cărturești, in VIVO !, you can find discounts and offers to provide him with a daily source of mental stimulation and to make him a super inspired gift.
Fashion is also on the list of gift suggestions: plaids, polo shirts and oversized sweatshirts - or how to tell her she has a very nice style without telling her.

Gentlemen have become more and more interested and dedicated in their clothing style and taking on fashion trends, so one of the most beautiful compliments you can give them is to show them that you appreciate their flair, attention to detail. and how he prepares carefully for the meeting with you.

Discover stylish pieces that complement her outfits at Peek & Cloppenburg, Massimo Dutti, Gant, Lacoste, Ecco or Tezyo.

If you prefer a practical accessory, you will impress him with a pair of premium, polarized sunglasses, excellent for long journeys where driving is his exclusive. Surely you can find his favorite model at OPTIblu or Opticris, in VIVO!

The last suggestion in this guide, but not the last one: his care kit smells so good that it will be hard not to "borrow" his products. The subject of beauty and care is no longer dedicated only to the female sex, and the skincare routine of gentlemen can include even more than three steps that they follow both in the morning and in the evening. You can find his favorite products at Douglas or Sephora, in VIVO !, which only you know he uses.

Don't think too much about what you are going to give him - follow your heart and intuition and choose something that: a) refuses to buy himself, b) a useful and practical object to help him in his usual activities, c) a gift from the heart that will make him smile happily, at least on the inside.

Happy Valentine’s Day!