VIVO! celebrates 14 years in the heart of Cluj

We have been together for 14 years and since then we enjoy shopping sessions in our style and we are inspired by beautiful moments, we take care of ourselves, we are connected to everything new and we enjoy things together, just like a big family.


In the last 14 years we have gathered memories from dozens of special events, we have offered prizes, we have made surprises, we have enjoyed the presence of the most beloved artists and special guests, we have been inspired and we have spent quality time in our style. I grew up here, in the heart of Cluj County.


On October 17 VIVO! celebrates 14 years in the heart of Cluj with surprise guests and VIVO! friends

Starting with 16:00, in the food area, Ioana Chereji, PR Manager UNTOLD and Edy Chereji, Head of Communication UNTOLD come to us to talk about the festival and unique experiences that made us dance for nights.

About fashion - our first great love, about style and the evolution of style we talk with Maurice Munteanu, Fashion Editor Romania Elle and Domnica Mărgescu, Fashion Director Elle Romania.

And because we like to reinvent ourselves and live in balance, full of energy, we invite Teo Trandafir, the host of the Teo Show show to tell us about reinvention, about personal brand and how to live in your style from all points of view.


At the age of 14 we celebrate with emotion, inspiration and special guests. We prepare for new experiences and surprises, but we do not forget to enjoy simple things, such as a family Sunday.

On October 17, at VIVO!


Thank you for being part of the VIVO! community and celebrate with us the style, fashion and beautiful experiences every day, through your unique style.

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