Emergency kit in case you forgot V-day

If you realized too late that Valentine's Day is coming and you want to impress your significant other, but you haven't prepared anything special, this article is for you.


In the first place - gifts that, even if they are classic, still manage to bring a smile to your girlfriend's lips: jewelry, flowers, chocolate. Keep calm, this is just the warm-up. After you surprise her with a symbolic gift, let's get down to business.


When you remember Valentine's Day too late, choose a classic and safe date option - a romantic movie, followed by a candlelit dinner.

Well, now that you've decided where you're going with your girlfriend on Valentine's Day, all you need to do is spoil her a little. The question is how do you do that? It's simple.


For her, the perfect date starts with a whole stage of preparations: she does her hair, make-up, chooses the perfect outfit and accessories, thinks and changes her mind if she chose the right outfit, so she might enjoy a shopping session a few hours before the dates.


If you prefer to choose the gifts yourself and surprise her with them, we help you with the necessary inspiration.

Let's start from the top down. To begin with, we have the massive jewelry, which transforms any simplistic outfit into one that turns heads. You can find countless proposals and special offers at VIVO!

Has she shown you a trendy pair of shoes before? Now is the time to show her that you pay attention to the details and you can surprise her with the gift that you know for sure she wants.


After delighting her with Valentine's Day gifts, surprise her the next day with a bouquet of roses. She will definitely not expect this and you will have a special place in her heart!