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Camping Days

During summer vacation, we discover the world through fun activities, learn and play together at VIVO!

For 4 Sundays, between July 23 and August 13, time interval 16:00 - 20:00, we invite all children to have fun, in a series of 4 Sundays with educational activities and competitions that will help us discover the most important elements from the environment: Air, Water, Earth and Light.

We meet for the first time on July 23rd, AIR Day, to experiment with wind power, build paper airplanes and learn about the principles of aerodynamics.
On July 30, we'll see each other again at APEI Day. Now we will now learn about pollution, experiment with watercolor painting and discover how clouds are formed.
On the third Sunday of the VIVO! summer camp, on August 6, we meet on Earth Day, to make decorative objects with petals and flowers, but also a creative experiment with the volcano.
On the last day of Camping Days, on August 13, we discover LIGHT through games and educational activities. We will learn how to make a rainbow, but also a Sun Catcher.

Each day will bring challenges and games that will test our knowledge thus:
July 23 - AIR Day - we will make balloons and a giant parachute;
July 30 - WATER Day - we accept the water balloon challenge;
August 6 - EARTH Day - we enter the obstacle course;
August 13 - LIGHT Day - Led Ring Toss games.

The event takes place in VIVO park! from the outside.
All children between the ages of 5 and 12 are invited, access is free and registration must be done directly at the event.
At the end of the activity, each dwarf will receive a tasty surprise.

Let's have fun together during the summer vacation, at VIVO!