OPTIblu, present on the market since 2004, is one of the main retailers of medical optics in Romania. From best-selling products to creations brought to life as a tribute to certain causes, high-tech technologies, eco-friendly materials, niche brands, or 100% handmade collections, OPTIblu manages to satisfy even the most refined tastes. Glasses accessories, contact lenses, and maintenance solutions complete the product portfolio, offering each customer a complete solution for his needs.

The product mix in stores brings together over 50 famous brands of eyeglasses and sunglasses and in a single store you can find up to 1500 unique models. Among the most popular of these are: Polaroid, Ray-Ban, Carrera, Hugo Boss, Dior, Silhouette, Max Mara, Pepe Jeans, Pierre Cardin, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, and many more.

Personalized counseling, active communication with each customer, and interest in their needs are just some of the differentiating elements that underlie our stores. Clients benefit from services for determining diopters for adults and children have specialties that guide them through the entire process of adapting with contact lenses or choosing eyeglasses.

All medical opticians benefit from modern equipment. The standard equipment found in each office includes: auto-refractometer used to measure diopters, the lensmeter that measures the lenses of glasses, biomicroscope used to prescribe contact lenses but also to detect various eye conditions, lens kit, test projector and optopty for visual acuity testing in the near area.