My Geisha

Born from a passion for perfumes, beauty and luxury, the my Geisha brand begins its story in 2018, enjoying real success. my Geisha brings to the attention of lovers of oriental perfumes seductive aromas, absolutely delightful, and very persistent formulas, such as perfumed oil or perfume extract.


Famous in Europe, the my Geisha brand is present in 16 countries, with over 60 stores (Romania, Hungary, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Ireland, Qatar, Austria, Bulgaria, Taiwan, Cyprus and the United Kingdom United).


With my Geisha you enjoy the exclusive shopping experience: you enter the universe of premium skin care brands, Korean or "Made in France", and oriental perfumes that capture all the attention, define your style, enveloping you in elegance and sophistication. my Geisha turns any ordinary day into a sensational one!