5 ideas for stylish summer outfits

Probably every woman knows the feeling when she simply can't come up with any interesting outfit that would feel comfortable and be stylish and creative at the same time. Therefore, we bring you 5 ideas for interesting summer outfits. Thanks to those pieces, that can be found in stores, you won't have to worry about choosing the right combination until the end of this summer.


Ooh, the dresses!

Beautiful dresses and summer just fit together. However, it is necessary that you buy the right ones – material, cut, and color. Cotton and linen are best suited for summer temperatures, but if you buy a Madeira dress, you will be a star. Choose a looser cut to make you feel comfortable. It is said that the red color suits every woman, so it will definitely not do any harm. You can find this combination of dresses and handbags in the S.Oliver store.

White elegance

If you want to shine, but you don't want to overdo it with strong colors, choose an elegant white color model. This phenomenal jacket and hat are screaming “summer holiday by the sea” and they will make a queen out of you wherever you go. The white color simply embodies femininity, elegance, and minimalism at the same time. It will also fit perfectly with your tanned skin.


And a little tip for you –  combine it with gold accessories that will further enhance your style and elegance. Hat and jacket are waiting for you in the Reserved store


Comfort comes first

Are you not in the mood for a distinctive dress and white elegance is not meant for you? If you love comfort in the fashion above all, maybe this outfit from the House store will appeal to you. Harmonized in the trendy purple shade of lilac, comfortable, complemented by a stylish cap, that gives the whole outfit a touch of rebellion and boyishness. In summer, you don't have to wear a skirt together with sandals and a top. You can also wear it casually with sneakers and a hoodie.

The vacation is calling you

Also, in the Orsay store, these distinctive pink maxi dresses are waiting for you. It will make you stand out on the beach. They are also made of cotton with a looser cut that guarantees comfort, whether you want to leave the beach for a drink or a walk in the city. The denim jacket is a great investment because it has practically never gone out of fashion and will warm you up perfectly on colder evenings. And one more fashion tip – if you love creative and stylish accessories, search the stores for a colorful necklace like this, since it will be another summer hit.


Shoe craze

Do you know what will be trending this summer? You probably already have it in your wardrobe, because it is an extremely comfortable and popular summer shoe – slippers! Especially those rubber ones in neon yellow color, shining like candy. You can find it in the Baťa store for a very reasonable price. And how about trying color-blocking and be really playful with the colors in the outfit? Those crazy summer slippers ask for it.

Which of these summer outfit ideas appealed to you the most?

Distinctive summer dress in red, white elegance with a holiday hat, comfort in a trendy lilac shade, beach maxi dress, or color-blocking with stylish summer shoes? You can find all these things and much more in the VIVO! Bratislava stores.

We invite you heartily to buy fashionable pieces that allow you to experience the most beautiful summer.