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SHOPPING REBORN: 5 tips you have to try out in VIVO! Bratislava

We didn't even blink and the shops are open again! Well, to be honest, for most of us the time when practically everything was closed felt like a very, very long time. And many of us almost went bananas because of it, right? What we previously perceived as a given, a normal daily routine was suddenly taken away, so we began to appreciate the little things more. For example, even such an innocent stroll to the mall, exploring the new arrivals, enjoying a good coffee with friends, shopping for something we need or something that just makes us happy. I, fashion blogger Lenka alias Stylemon, am extremely pleased by the reopening of VIVO! Bratislava. So, at the beginning of June, I visited it again to explore all the new stuff. In this article, I brought you the best options, which you should consider next time you will be there. And I am twice as happy because I traveled to VIVO! Bratislava from Brno – across the newly re-opened borders, so I also bring this article to you with a smile on my face and the feeling that, perhaps, everything is slowly returning to normal. But back to the point – what will you try out in VIVO! Bratislava?

Compostable coffee capsules?

Finally, we can enjoy coffee in cafés again. But if you prefer to enjoy it in the comfort of your home, I came across an interesting Segafredo capsule coffee in the Cafepoint café.

It features high quality, strong aroma, and a powerful taste. The whole capsule is fully compostable. That means it decomposes almost completely within 12 weeks and degrades biologically within 6 months.

So, if you think Eco, be sure not to miss them. You can also save our planet by taking your coffee from Cafepoint with you – just bring your eco cup (or buy a colorful one KeepCup directly in the store) and save not only the planet but also your wallet – yes, you guessed right, you get a discount.

I also recommend taking a look at the selection of coffee beans. I bought a fragrant one and had it ground for a weekend homemade cold brew. Word of advice – use a credit card when paying as this is much more hygienic and safer.


Visit the Tatras in fashion and style

Where will you spend your summer vacation? Most of us have probably said goodbye to the Caribbean and other exotic destinations, to the white sand, azure water, and 10-hour flights. But we can also spend our free days here in Slovakia.

You will certainly agree with me that nature here is beautiful and we have a countless number of places perfect for tourism or resting near water.

As a bad Slovak, I ashamedly admit that I haven't explored the Tatras, not even the half it, so my steps in the summer will lead right there, to fix it.

That was the reason I visited the Alpine Pro store, as my wardrobe of a fashion blogger consists more of elegant dresses and stylish hats, and you would look there in vain for clothes designed for mountain trips among chamois.

I was surprised by the advantageous prices because I always thought that tourist clothes are really expensive. However, I found the quality and colorful pieces in there, which will make you stand out in Tatras or anywhere else.



Clothes embodying the summer

What does your dream summer dress look like? If I could guess, it will be loose, comfortable, knee-deep or lower, probably white and made of a material in which you can survive the heat comfortably. My dreams are the same, but in yellow. You can find both at the House store at very affordable prices. And if you're more of a trouser type, visit the Lindex store next door. I bought my summer “orange soda”, an orange summer top made of a very pleasant material, and loose orange trousers there, at discounts for a total of only 16 euros.

For me, children's clothing is still an unknown territory, but the mothers in my area consider it a plain and true fact that Lindex offers the most beautiful children's clothing. So, when buying summer stuff, you can explore also the kid's clothes.

blogerka VIVO!BA06/20.jpg

Gift card

New in VIVO! Bratislava are not just the newly opened shops, high hygiene measures (even the disinfectants are pink, exactly in the color of the logo!) and funny stickers on the ground, which explain that the face-mask is nothing to be ashamed of and a wise person keeps a two-meter distance, but also gift cards are new. In my opinion, it will come in handy if you want to provide a present, but you have no idea what the person likes or what would suit them. With this card, you can be sure that the person will buy exactly what they need and will really use it, so there is no danger of buying a bad gift. You can top it up from 20 to 250 euros and buy it directly at the info desk at the main entrance. This way you have a gift for a colleague already solved.



Summer in the garden

In the summer you probably won’t go to the above-mentioned Caribbean or the Tatras and you will most likely spend time with your family in the garden, right? Never mind, after a gloomy three months, we can be grateful for such a luxury, right? You can make your summer moments more enjoyable with various games or other gadgets – I found the most interesting ones in the Tchibo store. Various summer balls, water games and accessories that will make your summer truly enjoyable. For example, I found a water Frisbee there, which also my dogs enjoyed.


Are you interested in any of my tips? If so, I will be happy if they make your summer better, more colorful and happier. I am glad I can say goodbye in this article and see you in VIVO! Bratislava, because I couldn't say this phrase for three months. Although we will most likely see each other with the face-masks on (at least at the time of writing this article), I hope that in VIVO! Bratislava, but also outside of it, you will experience positive things, which will put smiles on your faces.