Fall 2020 color trends that will brighten your wardrobe and home

When the weather no longer looks like summer and we start to welcome autumn, many of us put more lively colors deeper into the closet and embrace more neutral ones. Autumn classics can be found not only in our closets, but also in stores – beige, dark brown, black, white or cream, or gray. However, this autumn can really shine with colors. Just get inspired by our tips for the trendiest autumn shades. Which one will you fall in love with first?


Soft pistachio

This color first appeared on the catwalks of various brands, and soon, not only fashion bloggers but also the whole Instagram succumbed to it. During the summer a more pronounced shade of green or even neon was dominant, but the autumn season welcomes a lighter color like pistachio. It is perfect for this season since it is not very thick and saturated, and at the same time, it is slightly reminiscent of falling leaves. In your wardrobe, this color will look great on your coat or trench coat. In the apartment, it will look awesome on decorative pillows, which will bring autumn shades into your home. Pistachio will get along well with gold, which will give it a touch of luxury.

Shades of purple

Purple was in seclusion for a long time, but this year it definitely came back. The reason is the Pantone "Ministry of Colors", which chose the Ultra Violet shade as the color of 2018. It thus experienced a rebirth and slowly came back to our region. During the summer you could see dark purple in the shops. During the autumn it will be mainly lavender, which is softer, very sophisticated, and will come along with the cream color, and also dark brown. In the fashion stores, you can find it mostly on sweaters and sweatshirts. In the autumn interior design, you can find lavender mostly in bathrooms.


Pastel yellow and mustard color

In the case of yellow, the trends were divided into two groups. Pastel yellow, which stands out perfectly on home accessories (for example, scented candles from the Candle Store), especially if they are combined in the apartment with a natural shade of wood. The second one is mustard, which makes a buzz especially in the autumn fashion – you will definitely fall in love with sweaters or scarves from House or Cropp stores in this shade. They also serve as proof that yellow does not have to be associated only with spring.


Distinctive red

This shade has been an autumn hit for many years, and probably all brands have revived their collections with red during these months. At the moment, you will find it even where you would not expect it – on shoes and stockings. The colored stockings are a big hit this season, so you can go and get inspired, for example, in the Bepon store. You can find red shoes in the newly opened Lavale store. During darker, colder, and rainier days, it will give you a dose of energy – it is considered to be the sexiest color, which is connected to vitality, self-confidence, and vigor. If you prefer a softer tint of red, you will definitely like the Samba shade (burgundy). But the winner of this season is a distinctive and rich shade of mandarin Red (red shade combined with orange).


Is your favorite among the mentioned autumn shades? When you take a look at them, you will find that although they are more pronounced colors, they can be combined well with more neutral colors, and also with each other. They are elegant, sophisticated, many even have an optical slimming effect or are timeless (the red color for example). However, wear only those shades that you like and feel comfortable. Whether the autumn or spring fashion is not here to be our master and we should not follow the trends in fashion or home design blindly. It is here to underline who we are and to give us positive feelings.