Colored capsule wardrobe how to do it?

Spring is usually accompanied by a big tidying up. If you have decided on a lighter wardrobe, making it a compact unit that will save your money, time, and energy, you can try minimalism. When you turn your overcrowded closet into a capsule closet, the clothes will become your friends and your style will be unique. It is usual for capsule wardrobes to contain neutral shades.


But if you love colors, your wardrobe can shine. All you have to do is follow a few rules, which will result in a sorted-out cabinet that makes orientation easier. And thanks to appropriately chosen pieces of clothing that can be easily combined together, you will create a number of colorful outfits in no time.

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What is a capsule?

This is a current phenomenon, but its roots go back to the 1940s. It means a smaller number of clothes that can be combined together and will always create a full-fledged look for every occasion. It builds on quality materials, great-fitting cuts, and pieces that get along great.


Do you hesitate every morning about what to wear? Do you spend a long time in front of the closet choosing a suitable outfit? Do you have trouble combining individual clothes? Then the capsule wardrobe will suit you well.


The capsule wardrobe will make it easier for you to choose and will relieve you from a long and mentally exhausting selection of suitable clothes for the day. You can easily assemble your outfit from several high-quality and well-fitting pieces.


At the same time, you will relieve your cabinet from unnecessary pieces that you do not wear. You may be surprised, but the sorting and systematic arrangement of the wardrobe act as mental hygiene. This is despite the initial difficulties in decision-making associated with emotional ties to some pieces in the wardrobe.

How to create a capsule wardrobe?

When creating a colorful capsule wardrobe, the key is to observe four basic rules: quality, color, timelessness, and combinability.

Quality & Color


Don't be afraid of investing in quality pieces and quality materials that will last longer than a few cycles in the washing machine. Take a closer look at the concept of CPW – cost per wear.


Quality partially replaces quantity, because you will wear fewer pieces more often and there is a risk of faster wear. The shops are currently full of spring collections and most of them are really full of colors, so choosing quality pieces will be easy for you.


If you choose quality, be sure to visit the Vibe concept store, where you can find a number of colorful quality pieces made by Slovak brands.



The right choice of colors should correspond to their mutual combinability. However, always take your personal taste into account.


If you don't know exactly what colors you like, start from the opposite end – think about which colors you don't like and you definitely don't want them in your capsule. Your choice will be easier if you find out what color type you are and what shades are right for you.

Experts in the color typology course can also advise you on this. And if you don't know which colors fit together, or look really nicely together, get acquainted with the term color wheel.


It is a picture of a wheel of colors that will show you the best and most suitable combinations. If you are not afraid of pieces with original colors, visit the Italian VDR fashion store.

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Timelessness & Combinability


The capsule wardrobe is designed to be worn for as long as possible. Therefore, try to avoid fashion fads or trends that will be out in a few months.


Most of the capsule wardrobe should be made of timeless pieces.



The most important aspect of a capsule wardrobe is the combinability of the individual pieces. For example, when shopping, think about how many outfits with a particular pink skirt or yellow shirt you will create. The above-mentioned color wheel will help you with the combinations.


If you like patterns, feel free to add them to your capsule. However, make sure that the colors from the patterns are repeated on other un-patterned clothing.


For example, if the skirt contains green, yellow, and blue stripes, the other simple pieces in the capsule should be blue, yellow, and green so that you can combine the skirt well.

Individual pieces in a capsule wardrobe

Few people feel comfortable when dressed in rich colors from head to toe, so feel free to put a few pieces in the capsule in white or cream or immortal denim.


These pieces complement nicely and soften clothing that looks very distinct. Your pieces should be combined to be able to create an outfit for any event.


Upper part – T-shirt with short sleeves, T-shirt with long sleeves, formal top, shirt, sweatshirt, cardigan. 

Lower part – elegant skirt, casual skirt, jeans, elegant pants, leggings or sweatpants, shorts.

Outerwear – leatherette jacket, trench coat, parka, coat, jacket, winter jacket, denim jacket.

Dress – for casual wear, elegant knee-length, summer dress.


Specific outfits for specific occasions:

Work – casual skirt, jacket, T-shirt with short sleeves.

Business lunch – elegant dress, jacket, trench coat.

Nature walk – sweatpants, sweatshirt, T-shirt with short sleeves.

Evening at the cinema – long-sleeved T-shirt, elegant pants, denim jacket.

Dating – casual wear, leatherette jacket.

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Are you interested in the concept of a capsule wardrobe? You don't have to radically reduce your wardrobe immediately, but believe me, reducing your wardrobe will give you a liberating feeling. In addition, the colors will give you energy and joy.