Buying Christmas presents when you have no idea?
5 tips for gifts that are meaningful or helpful

This year time flew fast and Christmas is suddenly here. You will probably agree with me that 2020 was a turning point, and definitely one of the more difficult years for most of us. Fortunately, the most beautiful holidays of the year will help us end this difficult year with some beautiful experiences. In this article, I will provide you with tips on Christmas gifts that are meaningful, helpful, motivational, and will definitely assist you if you have no idea what to buy.


We will probably agree that there is an unwritten rule that we should give each other gifts for Christmas because it is the proper thing to do. Put your hand up, if you know at least one person who has absolutely no idea what to buy – so they give random gifts, just to check the box? I think all of us raised the hand. Simply put, a huge amount of things is bought during Christmas and not every gift is desired, necessary, and used. That's why I would like to propose some gift ideas that make sense. The kind of gifts that will please the receivers and be useful, or impactful. Or when you don’t want to exchange material gifts with your loved ones but you want to spread the good and share gifts to people in need.

Slovak product

Whether it’s clothing, home accessories, or cosmetics, Slovak manufacturers and smaller entrepreneurs have experienced a difficult year. Therefore, we should try to support them during Christmas – preferably the local ones who are based in your area. Keep in mind that these are people who have decided to go their own way, produce in difficult conditions, and make a living with things that fulfill them. If you are unfamiliar with this topic, try visiting our newly opened Vibe concept store – a place that unites a large number of Slovak brands. You can also visit the Christmas market where you can buy hand-made pieces by Slovak craftsmen while you get into the beautiful Christmas atmosphere. I recommend Slovak honey or handmade ceramics.


An experience, a workshop, a service

If you know that your loved one will prefer a non-material gift, I recommend going for an experience, a service, or a workshop. I remember buying a gift voucher for my sister from a small local beauty salon last Christmas. The beautician was extremely happy that I invested my money for Christmas presents in her shop. If your loved one likes this kind of thing, a sewing or cooking workshop can be a beautiful gift that also makes sense and has positive outcome. Vouchers to the cinema or restaurant are also a perfect gift. Some restaurants even offer to purchase a multi-course experience menu as a Christmas present.


Gift card

If your family members or another close person likes practical gifts, but you have no idea what to buy, the best choice is the VIVO! Bratislava gift card. With this card, you can be sure that the person will buy exactly what they need and will really use it, so there is no danger of a useless gift. You can charge the card from 20 to 250 euros and buy it directly at the info desk at the main entrance. It can be used in every VIVO! Bratislava store – whether it is a clothing store, sports store, bookstore, kitchen and home accessories store, or even a cinema or a gym. With this card, you can be sure that you will not buy a gift that will collect dust.


A gift with a charitable dimension

Do you know a person who claims that he or she has everything and doesn't need anything, but you still want to give them something nice and make them happy? Or have you and your partner decided not to give each other gifts and you prefer to donate money where it is needed? That's why I looked for possibilities on the Internet. You will be surprised, but there is really a lot of options. The most famous options are the sites and, which allow you to buy Christmas gifts for people in need. For example, you can co-fund the medication for a lady in a retirement home, the textbooks for a kid in an orphanage, or a piece of necessary equipment for a carpenter. It is all very touching and I guarantee you that after the payment you will feel that your money have been spent in a meaningful way. If you or your loved one like dogs, visit the website, where you not only donate the amount, but you can also choose specific products that will be delivered to a chosen dog-shelter. You can then give the receipt with a letter that says you have supported the specific shelter. Some charity organizations will even generate such graphic outputs for you, and you just print it out. You may have already noticed the “How Much Love Fits in a Shoebox?” initiative that inspires people to fill a shoe-box with anything (candles, hat, scarf, book, slippers…) and the organization then gives the gifts to lonely seniors. You can try also at work and instead of the Secret Santa, you can send the money in the right direction.


A gift as a positive motivation

Sometimes, it’s futile to tell your loved ones that instead of a plastic shopping bag they could use an eco-bag, or that there is a coffee mug that they can carry with them all the time, so they don't always have to take a paper cup from the café thus creating waste. Sometimes it's better to just simply give them the things that are better for the planet. When they have the eco-bag, KeepCup, eco-bottle, or anything similar at home, there is a good chance that they will start using it and find out that creating less waste is not difficult at all. I write this from my own experience.

Did any of my tips inspire you? I hope in the positive answer and that this year you will give your loved ones something that will really please them and they will find useful. I wish you the end of this year to be what you dream of, and I hope that, despite the difficult year, you will finish it in good health, happiness, love, peace, and harmony.