5 easy challenges if you want to become a better person

To many of us, it seems a bit annoying to have New Year's resolutions, since we all have people around who break the resolutions the very next day. However, the word “challenge” sounds a bit more acceptable, motivating, and less like a cliché. Therefore, in this article, our blogger Lenka will introduce you to her challenges.


Remember that the journey itself is the goal. Experts recommend not to place demands on ourselves that are too high, and to reward ourselves even for baby steps since even 2021 can be a challenging year for many of us.

Starý otec 1.jpg
Buy as much local food as possible

Have you ever wondered where your food comes from? Maybe you’d be surprised when reading the labels. Buying local products from local producers has two great benefits – you support a small entrepreneur who produces a quality product and you save the planet, as the product does not have to be transported across the world.


However, local products can often be a more expensive alternative. For the beginning, a kind of balance will suffice, namely alternating the shopping in a supermarket with shopping in smaller groceries, where you can find only Slovak products. Even such a small step is better than nothing. In VIVO! You can find Starý otec or Farmfoods stores, which guarantee Slovak production.

Meditate once a week

The need for physical activity has been emphasized to us since childhood. After all, sports are good for our health, there is certainly no need to argue about that. Over the last year, however, many of us have realized the need to take care of our psychological side as well. After all, it can also affect our health.


Personally, I am very comfortable with meditation, which clears my head, slows down a fast lifestyle, and helps me to relax and gain the necessary mental energy. If you are new to meditation, it’s good to know that there are a lot of videos on YouTube that serve as a guided meditation.


Various mobile apps will guide you through meditation along with relaxing music. But you don't just have to meditate. You can take care of your mental side in other ways, but you should not neglect it.

To read. A lot. And take online courses

I will not lie to you; I have neglected reading books since graduating from university and I preferred scrolling and reading social networks. Of course, if you use Instagram or Facebook correctly and follow quality accounts of an educational nature, you can learn a lot of new things there as well. But nothing compares to a good book or online course, whatever your focus or hobby is. We should be constantly educating ourselves, and in the age of the Internet it is extremely easy, so we should appreciate and enjoy it.


However, I replaced classic books with a reader (I have my Pocket Book from Datart), as it takes up less space than a pile of books. E-books are also cheaper than the classic paper versions. Did you know that you can also buy e-books on the Panta Rhei website? The Skillshare site or the kurzy.sk site has proved its worth for online courses of any kind.

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Learn anything crazy you dream about

I have loved fashion and clothes since I was a child and I have been a fashion blogger for many years. I assume that we will have to stay home until the summer, so a natural next step for me is to learn how to sew. I would especially love to remodel second-hand clothes. In the eyes of an absolute layman, this is something bold that I have only dreamed about it for years.


But life should be about fulfilling our dreams, advancing, and doing crazy things that make us happy. Do this step too, whether it is to learn ballet, renovate the kitchen by yourself, paint a huge picture or learn how to make tattoos.

Learn to say “no”

Yes, the word “no” is one of the most difficult ones, and also many adults do not dare to say it. And yet, it is not a challenge like mastering marathon-runner skills or piloting an aircraft, but it is just as challenging. From my own experience, I can tell you that if you learn the basic principles of argumentation, saying “no” will become a little easier.


Many of us are afraid to say it, fearing that the others will ask “why” and we will not be able to react properly and defend our position. We don't always have to be there for everyone and the word “no” goes hand in hand with proper time management. Keep in mind that “no” towards others always means “yes” to yourself! He who wants to have strength for others must recharge his energy from time to time.


I surely hope that my challenges have inspired you a little bit and that you will try at least one of them, be it more ecological behavior, self-education, or taking care of your mental health. After all, New Year's resolutions don't have to be just about quitting smoking or drinking enough fluids, or losing weight.