VIVOBa- flexibee
FlexiBEE in VIVO! Bratislava

Community sharing of electric cars

If you need to drive somewhere just book a vehicle and go where you need. 

The community car can be find in the underground parking of the shopping mall VIVO! Bratislava. 

For the more info visit page FlexiBee.

We are proud member of the community!

VIVOBa_komunitna zahrada

The community garden in the elementary school Za Kasárňou

The shopping mall VIVO! Bratislava in cooperation with the elementary school Za Kasárňou realised a community garden in the areal of the school. 

The garden has various parts with lot of pieces as a flowerbeds, bushes of berries and section with herbs. 

The garden is ready for the kids to spend a special classes there to teach how to grow veggies.

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VIVO! has a Slovnaft Bajk stations!

VIVO! Bratislava has a two station SLOVNAFT BAJK! We are happy to be memner of this project and has a two stations close to our shopping mall. 

Looking forward to seeing you on the yellow bikes!

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Beehives in VIVO! Bratislava

Did you know that bees have recently started to thrive better in urban environments than near agricultural fields? That's why VIVO! Bratislava decided to involve with the Živica civic association in their beautiful project City Bees. 

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