Each kilometer brings a little bit help

Thank you very mu much for your participation on the grand final run as an ending of the serie NOVOMESTSKÝ VIVO! Beh. 

For each kilometer you run, we gave away 1 € for Liga proti rakovine foundation. Thank you! We were able to give a 1000 EUR to NGO Liga proti rakovine from the final NOVOMESTSKÝ VIVO! beh. 

In case you would like to see standing of the runner click HERE.

Total winner of the serie:

1,5 km MEN

1.place - Tomáš Antoš
2.place - Andrej Koleda
3.place - Martin Klepek

4,5 km MEN
1.place - Tomáš Belovič
2.place - Patrik Horváth
3.place - Juraj Hupka

1,5 km WOMEN
1.place - Zuzana Hulínová
2.place - Eliška Klepková
3.place - Natália Barinková

4,5 km WOMEN
1.place - Zuzana Bérešová
2.place - Annamária Budaiová
3.place - Katarína Šimnová

The winners who were not able to pick up the prizes on Sunday 2.10. - can come to VIVO! and pick up the prize at the infodesk. The prizes will be there till 31.10.2022

What you can expect on Novomestský VIVO! run


from 11:00

presentation (if runner didn’t manage to get starting NO. at VIVO!)


Start of exercise with Leo Lendvorský


Start of track - 4,5 km


Start of shorter track – 1,5 km


Start of kids run, non-competitive




Strikeman Show (45 min.) interactive dance programme for kids and teenage




Festive announcement of SERIES and its winners


Run with trolleys (competition for attractive prizes)


Miro Jaroš


During the whole day: (11:00 – 17:00)
  • Gaming zones fon the little ones
  • Inflatable attractions
  • Face painting
  • Photobooth
  • OZ Karči Novomešťan movement-gaming zone
  • Liga proti rakovine zone, place where you can measure CO2 in your breath, and also you can learn how you should make the right self-examination of breast or testicle. Because the best treatment, is the prevency