Dragobete - Customs and traditions

In February, love floats in the air, and today we celebrate the most beautiful feeling again and we surprise our loved ones with gestures full of affection, gifts and beautiful words.

We know about Dragobete that it is the Romanian equivalent of Valentine’s Day, but February 24th is full of significance in popular culture.

In the past it was considered the moment when everything starts to come back to life, spring settles in easily, the birds start to build their nest, and the love comes back to life and becomes stronger.
Unlike Eros or Cupid, Dragobete was likened to a handsome, loving and strong young man, qualities much desired by young people.

In folklore, Dragobete Day was a reason for young people to meet and find love, and those who saw each other on this day sang and picked spring flowers, fell in love and stayed together forever.
Tradition says that when they returned home, the boys ran after the girls to kiss them. If the girl liked the boy, she let him kiss her. "Dragobete kisses the girls."


We believe that love has many forms and unites us every day, but we like to mark special days, whether we are talking about Valentine’s Day, Dragobete or the first day of spring.

Choosing the perfect gift for a loved one can seem more complicated when there are strong feelings, when you want it to be really special, but also to represent you.

For extra inspiration, we have prepared two special gift articles for HIM and HER to help you make the best choice this year.