Seven Club

Seven Club is distinguished by the attention with which it treats its guests and the exclusive way in which it rewards them. For over 20 years, Seven Club game rooms have been among the most famous and prestigious in Romania in the field of entertainment and gambling, the prestige being due to the arrangement of spaces, diversified equipment, extraordinary promotions, professional staff and impeccable services, of the highest level.


Seven Club opened in VIVO Mall Baia Mare the largest and most luxurious gambling hall in the county. The exclusive SUPER PREMIUM room has over 400 square meters, includes a games room and an open space terrace with panoramic views, accessible by lift. The location is equipped with electronic roulette and the latest gaming devices available in the industry.

Come to the Seven Club universe of VIVO Mall Baia Mare and enjoy the best offer of gambling, services and entertainment experience.


Seven Club - The highest Level…