VIVO! always remains with you, now with the (S) Mall Talk series.

Three times a week, 5:00 PM becomes The VIVO! Hour, with surprise guests, fun, educational and relaxing materials for everybody.

We stay apart, but still together, so we will meet here online, every week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, to offer you some pleasant moments, as we have done so many times.

See you soon and remember that only together we are responsible to take care of ourselves.


Already a major influencer, she carefully has build-up her image and assumed the important role she plays in the Romanian online medium. Addressed by many brands, she also became a well-known brand as an Online Entrepreneur, “Countess” and Public Speaker.


He enchants the world of Romanian and international fashion with all his avant-garde creations, for over 20 years. But he also addresses other fashion related activities, becoming besides Designer, Stylist, TV host, Interior Designer and Influencer.


An entrepreneur in the communication field, she has made the difference in the advertising industry for the last 20 years, becoming famous for her professionalism. She always flirted with the mass media, being a TV host, but also a guest on shows, in the last years she also built a very strong image in the online environment together with her own brand Super40 brand by Ileana Badiu.


For 25 years in the advertising and media industry, she has contributed with her imagination and creativity to hundreds of image and online campaigns, and events. Along with Super40 by Ileana Badiu, she increased the share of content through her talent as storyteller, copywriter and words lover.